We have the facilities of separate common room for both boys and girls with all types of facilities whic are required for student welfare.

Computer Point

A computer centre has been opened in the college to provide computer education to the students of this college at a reasonable fee. The centre is a joint venture project of Dept. of Higher Education, Govt of Orissa and Computer Point, a private concern. Special Programme packages are also available for the staff of the college.


Code Programme

Hours Fee in Rs.
01 Computer conceptCourse (CCP) 80 720
02 Certificate Course in Computer Networking and Internet (CCNI) 100 900
03 Certificate Course in Desktop Publishing(CDTP) 100 900
04 PGDCA (equivalent to 'A' & 'O' level) 480 4320
Project Genesis
  • Training programme on Project Genesis is introduced in our college during 2007-08 in response to G.O. No. 41795 / HE dated 08.11.07. The Department of Higher Education has tied up with I.T organisations like Infosys and Genpact to impart language enhancement techniques and analytical skills for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs. The teachers trained by Infosys would groom the students.
  • Infosys BPO plans to recruit several thousand students from the State in the coming years and engage actively in strengthening academic collaboration with colleges¬Ě of Orissa. As we all know that BPO is the processing of the non-core business functions which the people with minimum skills can do. Generally fresh or reasonably experienced graduates with good communication skills are preferred by BPO companies.
  • Project Genesis is a self-financing course. The fee for a student per course will be Rs.1,200/- (Rupees Twelve Hundred) as per Govt. direction. The course curriculum is designed to customise it with market demand. The state Govt. has put in place its Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Policy. This will be introduced by inviting investment from the private sector and explore its efficiency, innovativeness and flexibility to make quality infrastructure and services at an optimal cost.
Vocational teaching

The Government Higher Secondary Vocational School is functioning in this College w.e.f. 27th September 2003, having the teaching facilities in (i) Horticulture (ii) Catering Restaurant Management (CRM)

No. of Seats in Horticulture 24
No. of seats in CRM 24

The Course structure is as follows: Compulsory Subjects (i) MIL (O/AE/Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Telgu) (ii) English (iii) Environ. study (iv) Yoga B.F.C. (Basic foundation course)
Trade - Horticulture Trade - C.R.M.
(i) Physics (i) History
(ii) Chemistry (ii) Political Science
(iii) Biology (iii) Economics
Theory - Trade Paper - I & II Theory - Trade Paper - I & II
Practical - Trade Paper - I & II Practical - Trade Paper - I & II
UGC Programme

The Remedial Coaching Classes for SC, ST and Minority students have commenced in 2007 with special assistance from UGC. A separate library and reading room is also functioning for the stated purpose.

Language Lab

The language lab was started and bieng operational fom the year 2014-2015. This programme started for the eradication of language problem , i.e, (MTI ) problem and also it focous and provides other languages.

Gymnastic Centre
This centre was opened with the help of VGC/Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, This centre is well equipped for physical exercise. The activities of this centre is monitered by the vice-president of the Athletic association.

Jagajivan Ram Hostel
The Jagajivan Ram Hostel under the control of the Harijan and Tribal Welfare Dept. of Govt. of Orissa has extended facilities for accommodation of S.C. and S.T. students reading in this college. Total strength of boarders is 150. The hostel is managed by the Superintendent. (A college teacher to be nominated by the Principal, Rajdhani College) and an Asst. superintendent (An officer of the HTW Dept., Govt. of Orissa.)