1. Proctorial Scheme (for +2 and +3 Students) :

Under proctorial scheme, every student shall be attached to a teacher. The Proctor is responsible for the maintenance of the cumulative records of the group of students under his charge and shall communicate with the parents / guardians, as and when necessary. He is to conduct proctorial meetings, of his group at least once a month. It shall be the proctor duty to keep a close eye on his ward and help him in studies and other matters connected therewith. It is to be borne in mind that no application made to the Principal shall be entertained unless it is recommended by the proctor concerned.

Work Experience / Environmental project(for +2 Students) :

  • The College has introduced Work Experience and Environment studies in its course.
  • The schemes of studies prescribed by the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa accordingly provides for Environment Studies. All teachers are expected to work as teachers of Environment Studies. It is of a practical nature and undertaken under appropriate supervision and planning.
  • The students are advised to contact teachers I/C of work Group for guidance. It will help the student to achieve objective of right to safe environment.
  • The goals of environmental project is to assess the relationship of humanity with nature and people with each other. (Refer CHSE syllabus, for further guidance).
2. Discipline & Dress Code
  • Admission to the college is allowed on the ground of merit and conduct of a student and not as a matter of right.
  • A student is advised to keep his/her identity card with him/her during college hours so as to produce it, if it is required.
  • Students of both the degree and the +2 courses have been required to put on their college uniforms during college hours.
  • Every student is required to attend his/ her classes regularly. Continuous absence is a serious breach of college discipline.
  • Students not connected with a class in progress should not assemble in front of the class room or make noise. They are strictly forbidden to loiter in the corridors during the class hours.
  • Students are required to go to the specified counters to get their work done. Fees are received in the college cash counter as per the scheduled notice notified to the students.
  • Cycles, cars, scooters etc should be kept in the specified shed.
  • The students are allowed to keep their bicycles and two wheelers in the cycle stand in between 8 AM to 4 PM in every worksing day receiving a token from the watch man of the cycle stand which is to be returned at the time of exit . A student has to pay a fine of Rs 25/- (Twenty Five) only towards the missing of the token . The College authority or watch man will not be held responsible for missing/damaged of bicycles found beyond 4PM in the cycle stand.
  • Students having any grievance or complaint should bring it to the notice of the Principal in writing.
  • Every student should go through the college calendar and prospectus in his / her own interest for information.
  • Every student should look at the college Notice Board every day to get necessary information regarding all office orders, suspension of classes, examinations, literary competitions and cultural programmes etc. He may however seek clarification from the office, if necessary.
3. Scholarships, Stipends & Other Aids
National Scholarship

The Scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit. Ordinarily students who have secured 70 percent in aggregate in H.S.C. Examination are likely to get this Scholarship. The annual income of their parents should not be more than 6000/-

National Loan Scholarship

To be eligible for such scholarship, a student must have secured 50 percent in his qualifying examination and his parents income should not exceed Rs. 6000/- per annum

Junior College Merit Scholarship

The students who have secured 50 percent in aggregate in the H.S.C. Examination, are eligible to apply. The students passing the supplementary examination are not eligible to apply.

Senior College Merit Scholarship

Awarded on the basis of +2 Marks to the students of Degree Classes.

Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST Students
  • Stipends are offered to the S.C. and S.T. students through the SC & ST & OBC Department, Government of Orissa.
  • Scholarship for the Children of Freedom Fighters is also provided
Scholarship for Teachers Children
  • Awarded to the children of Primary School Teachers or Secondary School Teachers whose aggregate mark must be at least 60 percent in the H.S.C. Examination
  • Aid to the children of Ex-service men is also provided.
Aid to the children of Ex-service men is also provided
  • Awarded to the handicapped student whose age should be between 17-30 years. The candidate must have secured at least 45 % of marks in the Annual High School Certificate Examination or H.S.C.Examination.
  • A cash of Rs. 100/- (one hundred) is given as financial assistance to the students who have secured at least 70 % of marks in the HSC Examination.
  • Full-free studentship is given to students whose brother or parent is serving in the Army. For such aid the students must produce a certificate from the concerned Commanding Officer of the Army.
  • Full free - studentship (not exceeding 12 percent of the total strength of the college) are awarded to students primarily on the basis of merit.
  • Aid from the Social Service Guild and Student Aid fund is given to poor and meritorious students. 
    The prescribed format for all the above purpose can be obtained from the College Office (Scholarship Section) and the rules for scholarships, stipends and other financial aid are governed by the guidelines issued by the Government from time to time.